• PhD, 2010, Fundamental and Applied Ecology, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain.
  • MSci, 2002, Environmental Biology, Universitat de Girona, Spain.
  • BS, 1998, Biology, Universitat de Girona, Spain.

Areas of Interest:

  • Water quality
  • Effects of hydrology and morphology on stream function
  • Forest-stream interactions
  • Functional processes in stream ecosystems - nutrient cycling, respiration, and primary production
  • Ecology of the hyporheic zone

Graduate Students:

Currently working in the following projects:

SCALER: Scale, Consumers and Lotic Ecosystem Rates. National Science Foundation and Joint Venture Agreement between USDA Forest Service and Oregon State University. Participants: 6 sites in the US and 1 site in Australia. Lead investigator: Walter Dodds, Kansas State University. (2014-2017).

INTERFACES: Ecohydrological interfaces as critical hotspots for transformations of ecosystem exchange fluxes and biogeochemical cycling. Funded by the European Union Marie Curie Initial Training Networks (ITN). Participants: 12 European partners + 9 associated partners from Europe and the US. Coordination: Stefan Krause and David Hannah, University of Birmingham. (2013-2017).

Natural Variability in Water Quality and Changes after Forest Harvest in the Trask Watershed. Funded by the Fish and Wildlife Habitat in Managed Forests Research Program. (2014-2016).

Effects of Contemporary Forest Harvest Practices on Aquatic Ecosystems: Trask River Watershed Study. Funded by the Watershed Research Cooperative. Leads: Sherri Johnshon (US Forest Service) and Robert Bilby (Weyerhaeuser Company). (2006-2016).

Selected Publications

A Argerich, R Haggerty, SL Johnson, SM Wondzell, N Dosch, ... 2016. Comprehensive multiyear carbon budget of a temperate headwater stream. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 121 (5), 1306-1315, doi: 10 ..PDF

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